This is an entry in the Common Vulnerability Index under number CVE-2019-9990. Specific details regarding this vulnerability name are as follows:

CVE Number: CVE-2019-9990

Description: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem. When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided.

Status: Candidate

 Note for CVEs with status "Candidate": Candidates must be reviewed and accepted by the CVE Editorial Board before they can be added to the official CVE list. Therefore, these candidates may be modified or even rejected in the future. They are provided for use by individuals who have a need for an early numbering scheme for items that have not been fully reviewed by the Editorial Board.


Third-party comments

As used here, a vulnerability is a code error in software that can be exploited by a hacker to gain unauthorized access to a computer system or to a network.  CVE is a compiled list of vulnerabilities created to provide common names for publicly known problems.

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